We are looking for commercial and industrial partners

Equipment manufacturers, installers …

In 2014, SYSTELIA Technologies has starting the commercialization of the EWD™ product line.

SYSTELIA Technologies has one R&D site in Bordeaux (France) located in INRA facilities and two operational sites daily using EWD SATM and EWD SPTM in Toulouse and Dijon (France).

We are looking for distribution partners in France, Europe and worldwide. These partners have to:

  • Have a coherent activity with EWD™ product line: Equipment and/or services commercialization (Automatic sampling, Infrared analysers, cleaning equipment, humidity equipment, …), applied to grain and pulses storage or first grain processing, and/or industrial electricity, automatism, computer software, …
  • Have a large sales network and a good experience in grain.

If you are interested in this commercial partnership for a common benefice, feel free to contact us.

7 street Ernest Reyer 83400 Hyères