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Many times, SYSTELIA Technologies has been awarded for its innovations and its industrial project  :

EWD (Early Warning Diagnosis) :

« Industrial Processes » European Commission Award, 4th SME Technology Days,

Leeds, UK, 26 – 27 September 2002

EWD (Early Warning Diagnosis) :

« European Research 2002 - The European Research Area and 6th Framework Programme » Conferences and Exhibition

Brussels, Belgium, 11 - 13 November 2002

EWD (Early Warning Diagnosis) :

Special Price «  Partner for the Innovation » from the French Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fishing and Country Affairs and from the World Food Exhibition IPA 2002 Organisation

Paris, France, 18 – 22 November 2002

Company Business Plan driven by

Innovation :

Risk capital « Start up » category award from TREMPLIN ENTREPRISES co-organised by the French Senate and ESSEC Business School

Paris, France, July 2002


SYSTELIA Technologies has some shows and exhibitions :

  • International Agricultural Show – Paris (France)
  • Commodities Exchange in Cereals (Barcelona, Sète, La Rochelle, …)
  • The International Livestock Trade Fair - Rennes (France)
  • World Food Process Exhibition – Paris (France)
  • Fumigants and Pheromones Conference & Workshop – Copenhagen (Danmark)
  • EXPOAGRO – South America

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2011-2014- SYSTELIA Technologies, in partnership with ARTERRIS, CEREVIA and SUD Céréales cooperatives, developed EWD SATM and EWD SPTM versions.

Based on sign convention with ARTERRIS, CEREVIA and SUD Céréales cooperatives, SYSTELIA Technologies and SOLWEEN Technologies, EWARNGRAIN project has been approved by Qualiméditerranée and Vitagora competitiveness centres in February 2011.

With EWARNGRAIN project the EWD early detecting insects (larvae and adults) and estimating the infestation levels product line to be improved by EWD SP™ and EWD SA™ versions.

2011 - SYSTELIA Technologies signed a partnership convention with ARTERRIS, CEREVIA and SUD Céréales cooperatives.



In the context of Europe legislation evolution on prohibiting the use of some active substances (including dichlorvos and Malathion, by the end 2008) and revising the maximum residue levels in cereals, discussions began in 2011 between Arterris, CEREVIA, SUD Cereals and Systelia Technologies. These four players have signed a collaboration agreement to provide technological tools adapted to the market and technology-based on EWD ™.

2010 - SYSTELIA Technomogies became a member of Qualiméditerranée competitiveness centres. Qualiméditerranée is the leading agro technological pole on the Euro Mediterranean.

It brings together a network of companies and research organizations around common ambitions and innovative collaborative projects.

Pôle Qualiméditerranée

2009 - France AgriMer made a qualitative and quantitative study on EWDTM product

Results are presented precisely in number 162 of the magazine "Industries des Céréales" - April / May 2009 and resulted in an international publication International " Acoustic detection of insect pests of stored grain: experimental study of acoustic equipment for early warning about insect activity inside large grain bulks” - Organisation for Biological Control West Palearctic Research Section - Working Group: Stored-Products Integrated Pest Management (Conference – Campobasso, Italy, 29 June – 02 July 2009). 

In summary: "Whether the acoustic probe of real-time detection in situ (EWD P3 ™) or laboratory device (EWD LAB ™) working on little size sample, these materials are new forecasting tools and "risk insect" control applying the principles of official guides to right hygiene and sanitation practices at the storage agency (Anonymous, 2005) or 1st grain processing industries (Anonymous, 2000). Data provided on presence of low density of insects in storage cells or the existence of hidden forms in free samples of adult insects have to be used primarily as a help decision tool (Fleurat-Lessard, 2003). They inform about the existence of danger of infestation by insects at very low thresholds density and long before it results in a serious damage with economic impact. They can be used to validate the effectiveness of the control measures applied during storage. They also allow to verify the absence of infection before delivery to the customer. " 

EWD ™ integration is particularly relevant in the prevention strategy combining methods of detection and fight against insects’ methods.

Acoustic detection and automatic identification of insect activity courses in grain bulks noise by processing through classification algorithms (Click here to access the article)

Fleurat-Lessard F., B. Tomasini, L. Kostin, Fuzeau B.

9th International Working Conference on Stored-Product Protection - 2006/10 / 15-18 - Campinas (BRA)

Relations Cultures - No. 76 - May 2008 - Helen Sauvage (Click here to access the Page 1 - Page 2)

"Early Warning Diagnosis - Listen carefully, silos are well kept!”

Listen nibbling insect larvae in grain? This is possible thanks to an acoustic detection system developed by INRA and SYSTELIA Technologies. EWD ™ (Early Warning Diagnosis) a new tool to prevent insect’s invasion and ensure silo health quality ...

Research and results for SMEs (Click here to access the article)"

"A French SME and Italian, Spanish and French grain companies have joined forces to develop a new easy to use technology that can quickly detect the presence of insects in grain stocks. ... "

Insect pests placed on listening (Click here to access the article)

Frédéric Ervel, published March 7, 2007

"Insect pests placed on listening. The stocks of cereals are prey to many insects. Sooner invasion is discovered, better is treatment. This is the subject of an acoustic detection device developed by INRA. ... "