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A Potter in Gascony – Pottery Farm Gallery

Production and pottery courses in Gascony

Manufacture of utilitarian and decorative pottery in the Gers

Ceramist for 20 years, installed at Husté in Mauvezin,
Hilary Fehr makes pottery in her Pottery Farm Gallery

A Potter in Gascony

Hilary studied ceramics for her degree in 1981 at Bretton Hall Arts College, Yorkshire. She set up her pottery studio in 2011 at Pottery Farm Gallery, Mauvezin. She works on the wheel producing highfired ovenware and handbuilds sculptural pieces for domestic use and the garden.

A selection of pots made by Hilary :

  • Tagines
  • Dishes
  • Plates
  • Salad Bowls
  • Garden pots
  • Trays
  • Coffee sets
  • Goblets
  • Cups
  • Sculptures (Babouches, Bags, Birdtables,

A specific decoration for your ceramic items

My pots are influenced by my travels over 20 years having lived in various countries such as Egypt and Morocco, hence the tagines.

I work in stoneware clay which is fired in a gas kiln to a temperature of 1260 °C. It is very dense and resistant, making it suilable for oven to tableware with a long lifespan.

I make my own slips and glazes trying to improve the quality and expand my colour range.

Each piece is unique made individually by hand.

You’ll find my pots in different markets

The founder of Pottery Farm Gallery

Hilary Fehr

Having lived abroad for 20 years in France, Egypt and Morocco, she set up her studio in 2003 near Oxford where she taught ceramics at the European School of Culham.

In 2011 she set up her current studio in Gascony and registered as self employed at the « Chambre des Métiers et de l’Artisanat »

She is a member of the following associations :  

  • Metiers d’Arts en Gascogne
  • Terres Neuves du Sud Ouest
  • Art et Vie à La Romieu

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