A Potter in Gascony  A Potter in Gascony

Pottery Farm Gallery and studio in Mauvezin

Manufacture of ceramic articles in the Gers

Different styles of pottery at Pottery Farm Gallery


Pottery Farm Gallery and studio in Mauvezin

The studio is located in the old barn. Hilary has six wheels to accommodate trainees,a large workshop, an electric kiln for the first biscuit firing, and a gas kiln for the second stonewere firing.

Hilary works in stoneware which is high fired to 1260 °C and extremely hard wearing. It is a material which is suitable for every day use and is oven proof and frost proof.

It is impermeable, strong and food safe allowing food to maintain it’s temperature remaining either hot or cold. Each pot is unique ; for the tajine, the base and lid being thrown on the same day for a perfect fit, being fired together in the bisque and glaze firing.

All of the coloured slips and glazes are home made from in-depth research in order to improve recipies.

The tajines from Pottery Farm Gallery

The tajine's flexibility makes it the ideal kitchen utensil

The lid is designed to encourage the return of all condensation in the base and allows cooking with very little water. You will be entitled to slow cooking at low temperatures. This allows you to obtain tender meat, vegetables flavored by spices and a sauce. Moroccan cuisine is a lot of instinct so let yourself be guided by your imagination, but here are some simplified recipes to start ...

The history of Tajine

It was ceated in North Africa as an oven due to a lack of water. The vapours generated during cooking condense on the the conical lid and return to the food creating a succulent sauce and very tender meat. Maroccan cuisine is very intuitive so let yourself be guided by your personal taste and imagination. However here are a couple of simplified recipes to get you starded.

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