Organic wine in your vineyard in Côtes de Provence


Domaine de l'Éouve, organic wine sale on the Var

L’Eouve is a Provencal oak tree, symbol of strength and wisdom, that we are proud to have as the emblem of our estate.

It is in a village of the Var, called La Motte en Provence, that a family settled, for generations, knew how to raise its children on this nourishing earth, to raise bees, to cultivate vegetables, figs, peaches, olive trees, but especially the wine which became the passion of whole Mottoise family.

On this land full of history, succession in succession, tradition in tradition, effort in effort, was born the Domaine de l’Eouve !

On this 10 hectares vineyard, where Serge and Sebastien Ramella patiently day after day, cultivate the vines with love and respect for their surroundings.

Organic farming is a production based on respect for the living and natural cycles.

These soils are regularly plowed to destroy weeds, promote microbial life and of course helping the vines to develop deeper root. Organic amendments from organic farming are applied to feed the vine.

To obtain one of the nicest and finesse AOC Côtes de Provence organic wines and for the LOVE OF A JOB WELL DONE we only harvest by hand, the grapes are gathered in small boxes, which prevents them from getting damaged and allows to extract only the best for the elaboration of our organic wine Côtes de Provence.

The domain

Hand picked and fresh in the morning, the grapes arrive at the cellar to massage for a few hours or to be squeezed directly. Then comes the work to marry the 6 grape varieties that make up the Eouve Rosé cuvee to find the perfect balance.

Grapes for macerated red between 10 and 25 days depending on the year. All this neat work allows us to offer our wines with very little sulphites.

The wines of the Domain by their mix of grape varieties and by their modes of cultures value the balance of the biodiversity.


This vineyard is located between the Golf of St Tropez, Cannes and the Georges de Pennafort.


Only 15 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea, the domain EOUVE is easily accessible by the A8 motorway, the D254 and D47, not farm from these unmissable small Provençal villages (Callas, Bargemon, Roquebrune, Bows).

‘’  It's sad that nature speaks, and that the human race does not listen. ‘’ Victor Hugo